Enterprise Integrations



Vortechx Applied Technologies has years of experience integrating servers from all the major manufacturers including Dell, IBM, and HP.  Services include:
  • Installation of PC's, Servers and Blades
  • Installation of memory, drives, I/O cards, power supplies and other peripheral devices
  • Rack mounting of servers, blades. and networking hardware
  • Cable management


Vortechx Applied Technologies offers installation of software and Operating Systems for single servers/computers or mass automated installations for dozens, even hundreds of computers.  Services include:
  • Operating System installation such as Microsoft Windows (7,2003,2008,2013), Linux (RedHat, SuSE, CentOS, Debian, many others), Solaris, Andriod and iOS.
  • Windows services include Active Directory setup and configuration in complex, multi-domain environments, DHCP, DNS, and Web Servers
  • Installation of COTS and GOTS software
  • Gold Disk replications of Windows and Linux
  • VMware virtualization - more information can be found here


Vortechx Applied Technologies has implemented multi-Terabyte SAN's using Fiber Channel, iSCSi and NAS connectivity in several Federal entities.  Storage vendors include NetApp, Hitachi, EonStor and FreeNAS.  Services include:
  • Storage architecture and layout
  • SAN installation and configuration
  • SAN wiring
  • Connectivity troubleshooting


Vortechx Applied Technologies currently provides network integration services to government entities on Cisco networking products.  Integration services include:
  • Network Design
  • Network wiring
  • Wired and Wireless network installation
  • Crypto Device installations
  • Firewall installation and configuration
  • Connectivity troubleshooting