Data Storage

In economically challenging times, a concept like business continuity can seem abstract and secondary, even if your organization had been or is currently engaged in updating its preparedness efforts. However, the reality is that business continuity planning is designed to limit the economic effects of business interruption; so in times of economic uncertainty, when the potential consequences of financial setbacks are magnified, business continuity preparedness is more relevant than ever.

A critical part of such planning is recognizing that your organization's risk-preparedness must live up to your recovery objectives—or you risk a significant "business continuity gap" that could lead to lost revenue, lost resources, and lost reputation. VORTECHX Applied Technologies begins at the policy and strategy level to help you assess, design, implement and manage your business response to unplanned events.

VORTECHX policy-driven continuity planning and realistic validation and testing exercises will help you to ensure that core business functions meet recovery time objectives. Our disaster recovery services touch every facet of the enterprise and define the steps to get you back on your feet. The VORTECHX methodology covers every detail, from establishing alternate sites and addressing server and network compatibility to ensuring post-disaster security controls on e-mail.

Business Continuity Services include:

  • Enterprise Business Continuity Program Services
  • Incident Management Services
  • Business Unit Recovery Services
  • IT Disaster Recovery Services


VORTECHX believe a primary business challenge to a successful data backup solution revolves around a solution that is automated, flexible and easy to test to ensure accurate data restoration and recovery. Too often, administrators and IT managers assume backup jobs are executing correctly once an initial backup schedule has been established and they move on to other network issues. However, data back-up is not a "set it and forget it" process. Making sure the back-up is capturing the appropriate information, setting the correct interval frequency and periodically reviewing retention times are critical to a successful solution within a corporate environment.